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Blend is a digital learning platform that is faciliatted by the effective combination of ....




Blend is a digital learning platform that is faciliatted by the effective combination of different modes of delivery, models of teaching and styles of learning. It has aimed to combine particular forms of teaching with technology in order to provide a one-top solution to the haphazard lives of students. The basic idea is to cater the class room problems faced by both, students and intructors.

Scope of Work
BLEND is designed to cater a student by enabling him to keep his lecture notes aligned synchronously with a built-in feature of intra-course note-sharing while maintaining all his exam preparation material. Thus, providing a collaborative learning space to both. A collaborative workspace where you can not only add and edit notes but also brainstorm and review ideas.

The major objectives behind adoption of Blend is to boost students’ involvement with the subject by engaging students in discussion forums and hence make the subject as interactive and dynamic as possible, which would further help students to envelop their communication skills.
Project Story
The term 'blended learning' has gained considerable interest in recent years as a description of forms of teaching combined with technology.
We came up with the idea of an online working space after observing a few major issues in the classroom environment.
1. Unavailability of lecture content in the case of missing classes. BLEND! solves this by allowing students to access a recording of the session or their classmates’ lecture notes.
2. Note sharing during exam season. BLEND! makes each student’s notes visible to the entire class. This would help in preparation during exams.
3. A discussion forum. BLEND! provides a platform where students and teachers can interact and discuss questions regarding the subject.
4. Gauging the students’ understanding of the topic by teachers. BLEND! tackles this by allowing teachers to give trivia questions during the session. This would also help teachers when they are making the class participation marks.
5. Assortment of interactive digital content for a more channelized learning for students while allowing teachers to keep track of their course content.
6. In order to optimize educational solutions, we are giving an automatic paper generation. This feature is programmed to generate a question paper, as per the specified complexity level for questions, maximum marks for each question and topic.
We approached instructors from A-Levels with the application and they were interested in integrating this tool in their colleges as it will create ease for them to access resources. We received overwhelming response from them.
This was the first time developing a full-fledged web application, due to which we had to go through the whole Laravel ftamework, Vue.js, DB Query building using Laravel, Composer, and git commands and the idea behind using branches and merging them
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Sadia S

Sadia Sayeed

Backend Developer

Asna Zahra A

Asna Zahra Ahmed

Frontend Developer

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