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Start: Aug 01, 2017 - Ongoing

Communication Device

The goal of our system is to provide a medium of communication between hard of hearing/mute ....




The goal of our system is to provide a medium of communication between hard of hearing/mute people and people who can speak. We aim to remove the hesitation or frustration from the deaf/mute community to go out in the world. We do not want our users from shift from PSL to other languages for this purpose. Work is already is done being in this field. Startups like ConnectHear provide a human translator, organizations like FSEF and DEWA has published books for people to learn sign language but all of these are manual methods, are subject to availability and has an inherent room for error. Therefore, our goal is to design a system to automate the translation of PSL.

Advisor: Dr. Abdul Basit Shaikh
Project Story
The aim of the project was to increase its user acceptance by making it affordable and portable. For this purpose, we chose to use leap motion device as our sensor due to its efficiency, small size and a reasonable price. Other devices had certain limitations in terms of functionality, availability and price, whereas, leap motion provided hand detection with the most accuracy and with minimum constraints. The device itself has no such constraints. Yet, the SDK for the leap device works best on Windows, therefore, we are constrained to work on the Windows platform. Intel computes stick and Raspberry Pi 3 are the available options. As our final product will be task specific, we will need a dedicated processing unit. The aforementioned solutions will solve the problem
A portable system at the end of a project. The user can perform the actions of the sign language. The system will recognize these gestures and play the audio of the corresponding word. Till the end of our project, the students of DEWA, studying in Secondary and higher secondary can use our system to communicate their words to any person who does not understand sign language and is familiar with the English language. We will train our system to the words of Pakistani Sign Language which the user is comfortable with.
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