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Start: Feb 23, 2015 - Ongoing

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The project at Meat One involved a close critical analysis and audit of the customer service ....




The project at Meat One involved a close critical analysis and audit of the customer service provided by the company. From corporate etiquette to dealing with customer complaints, a SOP Manual was made to ensure uniformity in terms of best practices at the organization. Retail along with major hierarchical approaches was revamped with mandatory involvement with customer service to be ensured via a mystery shopping program.
Project Story
In the initial phase of the project, our group focused on Customer Satisfaction. We made visits to several Meat One outlets as well as that of direct and indirect competition so see the state of affairs. This was followed by in-depth research on how customer satisfaction is ensured, the international standards that exist and how they are measured and monitored.
A checklist was then developed that focused on both the exterior and interior of branches as well as recommendations for improvement. All outlets of Meat One were visited and the checklist was filled for each one.
Additionally, we analyzed data provided by Meat One with regard to customer management, yearly complaints, and channels of complaints, change in complaints and their categories. Further analysis included ratios of transactions to complaints, outlet wise complaints.
Also, an online survey was conducted to obtain a third person viewpoint regarding Meat One. All the data was then analyzed to prepare best case practices relevant to the meat industry.
Furthermore, we began with creating a Standard Operating Procedures manual with reference to Customer Service from the angle of Call Centers, Loyalty Operations and Complaint Management System while throwing light on the staff conduct, retail environment and experience management.
In the last phase, we devised a Mystery Shopping Program. Meat One on a quarterly basis may use our detailed checklist to conduct audits ensuring that the business is functioning on the lines of state of the art practices and international standards.
- Designed a Mystery Shopping Program
- Outlined recommendations to improve existing Customer Service Standards
- Created Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for Customer Service and Retail
- Research
- Data Analysis
- Operations of the meat industry of Pakistan
- How to enhance customer experience
- Retail landscape of the meat industry
- Competitive landscape of the meat industry
- How to design and implement mystery shopping programs
- Creation of Standard Operating Procedure manuals

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