KayDrive is an initiative to help you do great projects, develop innovative solutions and feel happy about what you have accomplished.

We provide you a platform to post your projects, manage all project data in one place and collaborate with team members.

We expose you to a lot of diverse projects, ideas and experiences. We believe that by indulging in open healthy discussion on your projects and others projects you enhance your learning and creativity and as a result open yourself to new innovative ideas and better solutions to problems facing the world.

Above all we make you feel proud of your accomplishments, we let you cherish each and every moment of success as you work on your projects. We do this by letting people recognize your hard work and by allowing them to provide constructive feedback on your projects.

KayDrive is a safe environment and is free to use.


At KayDrive we want people to work on great innovative projects and we want them to cherish each and every moment of this journey. Our mission is to create an enabling environment where innovation would be fostered, where people working on projects would organize their projects, collaborate with team members, stay up-to-date on new projects and developments around the world, freely discuss projects, get inspired, learn, come up with fresh ideas, spot new opportunities, develop innovative solutions, get feedback on their projects and celebrate success.

How are we going to change the world?

We, at KayDrive, wish to make a difference in people's lives by providing them an enabling environment to work on innovative ideas, develop better solutions problems facing the world, improve other people's quality of life and take our society to the next level of excellence. We do the following to play our role and contribute to our society.

  1. Let people organize their projects and collaborate with team members. With KayDrive people can maintain their projects and related data in one place and easily collaborate with their team members. This allows them time to focus better on their projects rather than wasting time searching for documents and trying to keep all team members on the same page.
  2. Keep people up-to-date on projects and developments around the world.
    In the current state of affairs people only get to know about the giant, the most successful products and companies. However, there are a lot of interesting projects going on at lower levels that go unnoticed. We bring these projects to limelight and keep people informed about latest trends in their industry.
  3. Enhance creativity and innovation.
    According to Harvard Professor Clayton Christenson innovation is fostered by 'observing', 'questioning' and 'associating', 'questioning' and 'observing'. At KayDrive we enable people to observe what others' are doing, ask questions and associate with diverse projects to generate new ideas,
  4. Help people improve their projects and designs by getting feedback from people
    There comes the concept of customer involvement during the design process. With KayDrive project teams can invite public to solicit opinions and involve them in the creation process, the popular co-creation process in design thinking. They can also validate their ideas by discussing it with diverse set of people.
  5. Make people feel proud of their achievements by enabling them to showcase their projects.
    You have worked hard to achieve success and there is no reason why you should not celebrate it. We let you share your hard work and achievements with colleagues and friends, so that people recognize your work and you get the appreciation that you deserve.

Key Benefits of Using KayDrive

  1. Maintain all your project data and communication in one place
  2. Easily communicate and collaborate with team members while working on your projects
  3. Make the world aware of the great projects you are working on and accomplishments you are making
  4. Keep others interested in your project informed about new developments
  5. Find out what others think about your projects
  6. Learn about great projects that other people around the world are working on
  7. Keep up-to-date on new developments in your field
  8. Enhance your exposure & get new ideas to work on
  9. Validate the potential of new ideas