Getting Started Instructions

KayDrive is a platform for people to share projects and achievements. This happens in three easy steps.

Post your project

Step 1: Post your project

Click the post project tab on the header.

Step 2: Fill your project details on 'Post Project' page. The fields with * are required and must be filled to post the project.

Manage your project on your project page

Once you have posted your project you may view and manage you project on your project page.

Manage your project

The following picture shows how your project page should look once you have started using it. You may perform the following activities on your project page.

  1. Add/Edit your role on the project.
  2. Invite people to view, like and follow your project. Other people can also comment on your project and give feedback through comments tab.
  3. Share updates, comments and questions on your projects with team members, colleagues, friends and the rest of the world. Simply click the updates, comments or Q&A tab on your project page.
  4. Select who you want to share a project update, comment or question with before you share it.
  5. Send individual messages to your team members by going to the message tab.
  6. View updates, comments and questions on your project posted by team members and others you have shared the project with.
  7. View list of team members and communicate with them individually or in groups through message.
  8. View your project photos posted by you or team members.
  9. Upload files related to your project. Files are generally only accessible to team members, unless you change your project settings. You can upload files by clicking the 'upload files' icon in the right pane on your project page.
  10. Edit or delete your project. See 'edit' and 'delete' options under 'more' tab on your project page. You can only edit and delete a project if you have posted it.
  11. Report abuse of your project. See 'report abuse' option under 'more' tab on your project page.

Search projects

You can carry out a quick search for projects. To quickly search a project simply type the name of the project in the general search bar located on the top of the page. For advanced search click the 'search project' option as shown in the figure below.

In advanced search you may search a project by specific area (such as marketing or operations), by industry (such as FMCG or aerospace industry), by company or by location. You may also refine search by selecting the type of projects that interest you. For instance, you may look up for projects that have pictures, projects that require investment or that require help.

Project Privacy

If you post a project you are the owner of the project and have all rights to the project. This includes right to edit or delete the project, add team members to the project, post project updates and upload files/photos.

Your project privacy setting allows you to determine who you want to share the project with and to what extent. You can select privacy setting for your project while posting the project (see 'project setting' on Post Project page). You may also change your project privacy setting while editing your project. Following settings are available for you to choose from.

  1. Private: If you select private your project will only show to you.
  2. Only team members can view: By selecting this checkbox you are making your project viewable to your team members. Your team members can also post updates on your project, comment or ask questions regarding the project and upload files and photos to the project. Team members cannot edit the project or add other team members to the project.
  3. Allow colleagues to view project: Select this option once you have associated yourself with a company. This selection would allow your colleagues (people working in the same company as you) to view your project. Colleagues cannot edit or delete your project. They cannot add team members to the project. They also cannot post updates on the project or upload photos/ files to the project. They can comment on the project or ask a question about the project.
  4. Allow friends to view project: Select this option if you want your friends to view your project. If this option is selected friends would be able to view your project details (except project files), comment on your project or ask a question about the project. They will not be allowed to make any changes to the project.
  5. Make public: This option enables KayDrive members to view your project. If you select 'make public' you must indicate whether you want to share basic information or advance

information with KayDrive members. If you share basic info then your project title, description, views, likes, followers and your role in the project would be viewable to KayDrive members. If you choose to share advance info KayDrive members would be able to see your project updates, comment on your project, ask a question about the project. Your files remain private even if you select 'share advance info'. You may select the option 'show files for public projects' under 'share advance info' if you wish to share your project files with people on KayDrive.