Privacy Statement

KayDrive's mission is to develop an ecosystem where people would be motivated to develop innovative projects and celebrate their accomplishments. We do this by providing a safe platform for people to post their projects, manage all project data and communication in one place, share their projects and accomplishments and remain up-to-date on great projects being done around the world.

Your privacy is very important to us. We make sure that your content is protected and only available to people you want to share with. We have thoroughly tested our system to ensure that your project content and data is safe and secure.

Enhance your exposure so that you have more creative ideas to develop innovative products and services.

If you have questions regarding privacy or security you should contact us. Your feedback and suggestions would help us as we continue to provide you a safe environment to transact on your projects.

We will keep striving to provide you safe environment to store project data, communicate with team members and broadcast your accomplishments.

Rights to your Project and Information

You own all the projects and data that you have posted on KayDrive. You can edit and delete a project or add/remove team members to a project that you have posted. You can also post updates, upload photos and files on such projects. All people you have invited to join you as team members on a project may post updates and upload files and photos to that project. You do not have right to delete the data that your team members have posted or uploaded on a project you have created. However, if any of your team members does not adhere to your project standards and rules, you may delete that team member and report to us any such activity. KayDrive does not hold responsibility for any update posted or action taken on your project by people you have made team members.

If someone posts inappropriate comment on your project that does not represent your project you must immediately 'report abuse' to us. We will remove the content if it does not truly represent your project. However, to maintain transparency we allow people to give both positive and negative comments on your project. These comments are allowed to give you and other users fair idea of what people think about your work.

Project Privacy

If you post a project you are the owner of the project and have all rights to the project. This includes right to edit or delete the project, add team members to the project, post project updates and upload files/photos.

Your project privacy setting allows you to determine who you want to share the project with and to what extent. You can select privacy setting for your project while posting the project. You may also change your project privacy setting while editing your project. Following settings are available for you to choose from.

  1. Private: If you select private your project will only show to you.
  2. Only team members can view: By selecting this checkbox you are making your project viewable to your team members. Your team members can also post updates on your project, comment or ask questions regarding the project and upload files and photos to the project. Team members cannot edit the project or add other team members to the project.
  3. Allow colleagues to view project: Select this option once you have associated yourself with a company. This selection would allow your colleagues (people working in the same company as you) to view your project. Colleagues cannot edit or delete your project. They cannot add team members to the project. They also cannot post updates on the project or upload photos/ files to the project. They can comment on the project or ask a question about the project.
  4. Allow friends to view project: Select this option if you want your friends to view your project. If this option is selected friends would be able to view your project details (except project files), comment on your project or ask a question about the project. They will not be allowed to make any changes to the project.
  5. Make public: This option enables KayDrive members to view your project. If you select 'make public' you must indicate whether you want to share basic information or advance information with KayDrive members. If you share basic info then your project title, description, views, likes, followers and your role in the project would be viewable to KayDrive members. If you choose to share advance info KayDrive members would be able to see your project updates, comment on your project, ask a question about the project. Your files remain private even if you select 'share advance info'. You may select the option 'show files for public projects' under 'share advance info' if you wish to share your project files with people on KayDrive.


Your data security is important to us. To ensure that we provide a safe platform for you to exchange your projects and ideas, we have thoroughly tested KayDrive for any security loophole. We have also enabled HTTPS access to our site. You should see a lock sign when you login to KayDrive which is sign that the site is secure. Moreover, we have SSL encryption which means that data that you transfer to server is encrypted. We also regularly monitor our system for vulnerabilities and security breaches. We have implemented security safeguards in accordance with industry standards and have done our utmost to provide you a secure environment. However, we would like to remind you that internet is not a completely secure environment so we cannot warrant the security of your data. It is your responsibility to make sure that you protect your data by choosing a strong password, change your password often and not share your password or information with anyone. To further ensure safety of everyone on KayDrive we also request you to immediately report any fraudulent activity that you notice on KayDrive.