Terms and Conditions

KayDrive allows you to post your projects and manage project data, communicate with team members, broadcast your projects and updates, and stay up-to-date on new projects and developments around the world. We believe that by indulging in discussion on your projects and others' projects you enhance your exposure and as a result open yourself to new ideas and better solutions to existing problems. We need your support to ensure that KayDrive remains safe and exciting environment for people to learn, share, celebrate (success) and grow.

By registering with KayDrive you agree that you would not indulge in any activity that causes inconvenience for other KayDrive members and/or hampers our ability to provide a safe and professional platform for our users. You are making the following commitments by signing up for an account on KayDrive.

  1. You will not post any project on KayDrive that you have not worked on.
  2. You will not provide any false information regarding yourself or your projects on KayDrive.
  3. You will not post any abusive content or inappropriate data on KayDrive.
  4. You will not try to associate with any company that you have not worked for.
  5. You will keep your password safe and not share it with anyone. Moreover, you will not let anyone access your account or do anything that security risk for your account.
  6. You will not allow anyone to access your account, or do anything that might affect the security of your account.
  7. You will not try to encroach into account of other people.
  8. You will not take any action to extract any information, confidential or otherwise, that our users have not willingly shared with you.
  9. You will not create more than one account.
  10. You will only add team members if they are working with you on a project and you trust them. Your team members can post updates on your project, view photos and files, upload data on the project and perform all other actions (except editing the project and adding new team members) if you have shared the project with team members.
  11. You will not post or extract other people's confidential data on KayDrive without their consent.
  12. You will not post any offensive comment on others' projects and any stuff that violates other users' rights.
  13. You will not post anything on KayDrive or take any action that violates law.
  14. You will not post or upload any document on KayDrive that contains virus or post or upload any other malicious software.
  15. You will not try to extract any information from KayDrive that you are not authorized to, nor will you use KayDrive or any of its features for competitive analysis or for developing a competitive product.
  16. Your account may be terminated and your content removed from KayDrive if we find you are violating other people's rights or law or are not abiding by our terms and conditions.
  17. You can appeal our decision if we remove your account or information by mistake. In that case we will review our decision and reinstate your account (or information) if that was deleted by mistake.
  18. You will immediately report to us any misuse of your project or any fraudulent activity on your project. You may do so by clicking the 'Report abuse' under 'More' tab on your project page.

KayDrive reserves the right to remove any information or data you post or upload, that does not comply with our terms and conditions or in any way constrains our ability to provide a safe and convenient platform to our users. The company also reserves the right to block your account temporarily or permanently if it finds you indulging in activities that do not adhere to its vision and policies.